FINE 1 – Foundation Toolkit For Family Centred Developmental Care

The course is organised in two parts. Each part contains modules broken down into topics.   

Part 1: Theory. Includes 4 modules and 10 topics that are completed individually on line. The topics in this module must be followed sequentially. Access to the next module is granted when the previous one has been viewed.  

Please note that when watching the videos in Part 1, you must watch these to the end in order for the ‘mark complete’ buttons to highlight, allowing you to progress through the course.

Part 2: Practice. Includes 4 modules and 12 topics delivered as a live online workshop or classroom event hosted and led by FINE faculty. This will take place on the date that you chose upon enrolment of this course.

Please note that you will require access to a printer prior to Part 2 so that you can print off the exercise sheets that will be used during the live course. The PDF is available in the resources section when you reach Part 2 of the course.

A reminder that you must complete all of Part 1 Theory online before the Part 2 live event. This should take approximately 3-5 hours to complete. We will check course progression 1 week before your Part 2 date and if this has not been completed you will not be given access to join the Part 2 live sessions.

If you have any queries during the course of the training, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email at


No part of this programme may be reproduced, sold or transmitted without the permission of the author, Inga Warren.


Every effort has been made to ensure that the information included in this course is accurate and safe but over time new research may invalidate some of the information and guidance provided herein. Neither the course organisers nor the author can accept liability or responsibility for any loss or damage allegedly arising from information or recommendations in this course. It is the responsibility of individuals to check with their neonatal team before implementing strategies and changes suggested herewith to ensure that they are compatible with unit guidelines and the individual needs of infants and families.

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