Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education

Changing the way we care for babies in hospital settings

A high quality evidence based programme run worldwide by experienced teams of neonatal healthcare professionals.

100% of people who gave feedback on FINE say they would recommend it to colleagues and have said it would change their practice. All participants have said that the course was interesting and useful. 

What is FINE?

FINE stands for, Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education.

We offer on-line and live training for professionals. The FINE curriculum is a unique step by step, multidisciplinary educational pathway that changes the way we care for babies in hospital settings.

At FINE we strive to find innovative ways to support high standards of infant and family centred developmental care based on up-to-date evidence.

Our aim is to give every neonatal healthcare professional the knowledge and skills to deliver the quality of personal care that gives parents and babies the best start on their developmental journey, care that is tuned to individual needs and is delivered with compassion and skill.

What We Offer


We have created high quality, affordable courses to support neonatal best practice.


We share links, references, tips, posters & more, that help support neonatal professionals with their training.


We run FINE events and conferences worldwide and are able to offer various courses with trained professionals.

Neonatal care training that gives babies the best start in life

What people say about FINE